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Techlam is a professional company that specialises in selling timber products of the highest quality. All of the products are made by Craftbuilt Industries, a family owned and operated business. Techlam has been providing its customers with reliable and durable timber for more than two decades, and it has managed to develop lucrative professional relationships with numerous builders and architects throughout NZ. Techlam also provides timber products for specifically designed architectural projects and complex structural projects. Outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail and affordable prices are some of the most important aspects that characterise

Structural Laminated Flooring Products 

Laminated flooring has several notable benefits that every builder or architect is well-aware of. Not only is this type of flooring cheaper and more efficient than traditional mezzanine floors, but it is durable and resistant to fire damage as well. Laminated flooring has an appealing yet natural look as the timber adds a touch of comfort and luxury to just about every home. These structural flooring products are a great investment for all homeowners who want to enhance the comfort and the value of their homes. 

Glulam Portals

These timber frames are very sought-after these days, as they are cheaper than steel and other metal frames. Laminated timber portal frames help their owners save a lot of time and trouble down the track as these frames are very low maintenance and they can withstand even the harshest environments. This is one reason that architects place laminated timber portal frames around pools or other locations where they would be subjected to intense weather conditions

Curved Timber Beams

Another very popular product provided by Techlam is the curved timber beam, Durable, reliable and quite affordable at the same time, curved timber beams are a great choice especially since they are very versatile and they can be easily adapted to any environment. You also get to choose between radius-changing tapering curves, elliptical beans and any other shape. 

Besides the durable timber products described above, Techlam also provides other timber products including: structural laminated posts, connection detailing, curved fascias available in any size, rafter beams, laminated round poles, curved framing plates and glulam bridges. 

For professional consultancy services and high quality timber products, contact the experts at Techlam. Visit our website for a free quote and advice on choosing the best type of timber for your project.

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